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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2020 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is the i mean news live from berlin germany lawmakers approved an unprecedented release package to shield the country's economy from the coronavirus pandemic the legislation is aimed at supporting health care and propping up businesses it's also a paradigm shift for germany rolling back historic district since i'm taking your debts also coming up sick patients tax hospital hallways in madrid spain outbreak worsens the country now has more deaths than china and in the capital so many people are dying that officials often forced to use an ice cream as
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a war. and the gunmen who were attacked in new zealand. it was a little over a year ago that he murdered 31 people in christ church. and nearly phenomenon well come on wednesday that when the stock approved a sweeping rescue package to caution the economic blow from coronavirus designed to support health care infrastructure and rush millions of heroes of may to businesses that are struggling and in a historic move lawmakers voted to scrap rules limiting how much money the country can borrow poem and in crisis mode the blue star has changed its rules to allow decisions to be taken with fewer members present the normal those who were there sat at a safe distance from each other. parliamentary president volved. called on deputies
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to show support for the key workers who are helping to keep the country going. and. we express thanks and respect to the doctor's care workers and those in the health and security or forages who are being tested to their limits every day. if you. think we all agree we should include in our thanks to those who day after day and in spite of the greater risk of infection they face ensure that people have the supplies they need. in just one day the blue star because green lighted government plans to take on more debt this year than ever before the crisis package includes an emergency budget of 156000000000 euros 50000000000 to keep small businesses of bloat and money for hospitals expecting a wave of coronavirus patients finance minister all our short standing in for chancellor merkel is at home insult by solution acknowledge these
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a gigantic some spend he said the country can afford it germany has strict rules on government borrowing are suspended for now yeah. we're facing a crisis unprecedented in our post-war history is this greater than all those we have faced recently. and it's a challenge to humankind as a whole. for the gunson mentioned there's no script for dealing with the pandemic said child but the government will do everything to reduce its impact on the economy. so in this instance on the 1st we have to ensure that there's a good health care provision for people who are sick from the coronavirus and ensure those treating them are protected by 2nd we must protect the livelihoods of people affected by the crisis thirdly we must stabilize our economy and preserve jobs of it that's our hope despite the unparalleled measures when it came to the
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vote opposition parties rallied behind the government's plan but no one inside the bundestag or elsewhere can get be sure if it will work. as we've just heard german opposition lawmakers are largely on board with as strong a fan but there is criticism earlier we spoke to young to teen a member of germany's opposition green party he said germany should do more to help the other european countries that have been hit harder by the fanatic we do not understand the green party for example that the german government is still blocking initiative supported by a lot of economists for creating saw called corona bonds for european union the master take care also on our european neighbors they're hit very severely like spain and italian it's not only a question how to deal with the health care in this countries it's also a question that these countries who still suffer from the economic crisis from 2008
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will go into a new and much more severe crisis and therefore we need these european karuna bombs if it is compiled by johns hopkins university show sharp jump and deaths from corona virus in germany $206.00 people are now known to have died of almost 30 percent on the previous day so 5 germans $1000.00 rate has been low but medical experts warn the country is outbreak is still at an early states. spain has seen another surge and its death toll from the pen demick less well than $3400.00 kovac $1000.00 famous now 2nd only to italy well to why it's spain's deputy prime minister has also tested positive for the virus hospitals in the country are struggling to cope madrid's to better or sure hospital is overwhelmed patients filling the hallways struggling to breathe waiting for the privilege of
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oxygen. for many here the shortage of ventilators and medical staff could prove to be deadly for a shocking number that already has spain's death toll from cope with 1000 has now surpassed china's. public utility i don't want to get involved in politics because that's not the time but when i hear on t.v. that there are situations let areal and then my colleagues this morning complain that there is not sufficient material i can't believe it when the government's crosses committee comes out to say we have everything it's not sure. there's only. so many have died this week at madrid's morgues are also overwhelmed this ice skating rink will take in the overflow keeping bodies out of the sun as the country prays for a reprieve. other provisional facilities are popping up around spain and
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barcelona the military has erected a temporary homeless shelter for up to a 1000 homeless people will be able to isolate and hygenic conditions. struggling to cope the government will extend the state of emergency until mid april. police are tightening controls to enforce the countrywide lock down. anyone without a permit to be out will be fine police say they've handed out over $80000.00 fines since the rule went into effect 10 days ago. many spaniards welcome the strict control on movement. people are not respecting confined and measures people are irresponsible which would have been a lot of us have to go to work this is the 2nd control of pasta and i think it's great. with over 400000000 euros of medical equipment on order from china spain is looking to see if its efforts will start to stifle the spread of the
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virus. now here are some more of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the global death toll from covert $1000.00 related illnesses has now passed 213 months after the outbreak began france is pulling its military out of iraq and suspending its antiterrorism training mission there as french forces are called to fight the coronavirus at home france says almost $26000.00 confirmed cases turkish president says he believes his country will slow the rate of transmissions within 2 to 3 weeks. said quote we have preparations for every scenario to other news the man accused of attacking 2 mosques in new zealand last year has pleaded guilty brenton terrine from australia opened fire on worship us in the city of christ church killing 51 people and was the country's worst shooting in modern history and is considered an act of terrorism. for more i'm
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joined now by journalist mckenzie and welling. this came from thinking and i suspect it's at 1015. why is charges why is painting getting out. so it's unclear why the terraces chose and they don't they know you're right but until now you've chosen to deny it but on tuesday he indicated to his lawyers that he wished to change that a wind study issued a formal notice. and efficient court system was looking at us. today he was convicted he questioned one name but played guilty tool themselves. thankfully it saves the country and the victims from the ordeal of a high profile resignation but it still remains unclear what's motivated. so what happens next. so the next hearing is scheduled for the 1st. court hearing for the course in 7 what makes to be taken the president teams of
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restrictions the rounds for parents is due should a coven. called underland strike so it's unclear. if a sentencing hearing is likely within the next few months but when a sentencing hearing does happen he's likely to face a very high symptoms the last best. moment history in 2003 by william bell motor 3 people in the serious injury and. prison sentence without parole this is exponentially higher than that and so the country is expecting a very significant sentence and date there are provisions to allow for a life sentence without parole as the next from sentence so that is definitely on the it's. the president's untaxed losing end and the whole world people in your country reacting see these these. so the unexpected news was a pretty mess it relates to a lot of people around the country both the general public and move to leave the
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victims the spokesperson for muslims in of canterbury city i think the victims will be oh a huge weight has been lifted from the shoulders that summarizes symptoms while a lot of victims didn't experience the hearings take place there wasn't in the forms and so very shortly before the trial that the group the play had been changed and as a result it was emotional and emotive warm ocean survive of diamonds and victims and so. local media has begun using the terrorists may have been using this for their recent coverage of the if it seems like the norm that previously existed that the terrorists name picture are going to be shown has been broken and that inside it is holding a lot of anxiety and anguish to this day so it remains to be seen as we never take the next few months before sentencing hearing form sentences pos down how that
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issue of how some say should be approached as a result of. zenon sanctions and wants. now to have a series making news around the well it's a retired f.b.i. agent who has been missing in iran since 2007 has died in iranian custody according to his family bob levinson vanished while reportedly working as a private investigator iran has long to night knowing his whereabouts and details office deaths remain unclear. kos-mos government has collapsed over its response to the colona virus endemic the prime minister lost a confidence vote just 7 weeks after taking power the move could take the country into the elections. prince charles the heir to the richest rone has tested positive for covert 971 year old is showing mild symptoms and just self isolating at a royal estate in scotland his wife camilla has tested negative.
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what is the pandemic doing to the world's youths a recent study from china has found that while most children tend to develop only mild symptoms a small number including babies can become seriously ill and our next report a father in shanghai shares his way of keeping his baby safe. some would call him eccentric but 30 year old show shinji would probably just refer to himself as a concerned parent. worried about the health of his infant son. was he traffic guy hobbies are design and innovation because of the grown up the demick i spent one month making this baby safety part for my kids. babies are unlikely to suffer serious symptoms from this corona virus but the long term effect of an infection are still unknown. child wants to create
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a completely isolated space for his son. he says this part is friend and filters can also keep baby safe from small good and high levels of carbon dioxide in the air. child will depart from a carry case for a cat and it features a sealed cabin. he was inspired by something he soared in action videogame called death stranding. his wife says she's happy with the design. at the moment he is too small so he can't wear mosque and the mosque in effect is breathing so it's dangerous i find child has received dozens of office it seems this piece of song fun could soon actually be reality this is the news i'm here and i'm a stand more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's w dot com thanks for joining devon you.
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